10 Best Ways to Lose Weight or Fat After 50

As you get older, it gets harder and harder to lose weight. Whether it be our Metabolism slowing down, getting injured easily, or not having the time to take care of ourselves. Weight loss definitely tends to pile up in our bodies as we get over 50. Metabolism is a very common factor in regards to weight gain at older ages. As our Metabolism slows down, many people don’t change their diet to accommodate this, which causes us to produce fat.

Don’t worry though! We’ve put together a list of top 10 ways to lose weight after 50. Let’s get started!

1. Follow a Healthy Routine

The main issue people of all ages face is getting into a healthy routine. Many people try to lose weight and give up fairly quickly if they don’t see immediate results. They’ll try to eat less or workout more if they’re not seeing their body change in a few days. However, in order to lose weight or fat from your body you need to get into a consistent and healthy routine. It takes time to lose weight. That’s the toughest part about weight loss. If you have the patience then you’re already halfway to reaching your goal.

image of routine

So whether you decide to change your diet, exercise more, or even both; make sure you develop this into a routine that you’ll continue to do over time. It takes 21 days or 3 weeks to develop a habit. Try and give yourself 3 weeks, and see how you feel or look after that.

The best way to get into a routine is to do it with a friend. By doing something with a friend, it allows you to push one another and makes it easier to accomplish tasks. For example, if you’d like to wake up earlier every day and your friend already does this then they can call you in the morning to make sure you’re awake.

2. Drinking Water Speeds Up Weight Loss

Water is very important to keeping our bodies healthy and hydrated. Many people mistake dehydration for hunger. If you’re feeling hungry after eating a meal or at random times during the day then try drinking a glass of water. There is a high chance your hunger will go away. So by drinking more water during the day, you’ll feel less hungry and lower your chances of eating random snacks or just overeating, which may be causing you to gain weight.

drink water when hungry

Also, water contains 0 calories. Soda, juice, energy drinks, etc. all contain a certain amount of calories, especially from the sugar added to them. There are Zero calorie drinks such as Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, etc. but they’re all full of artificial sweeteners and may be bad for your health in the long run. By drinking only water, you’re able to lower how many calories you’re taking in each day and allow yourself to eat more food!

3. Increase Protein Intake

Increasing your protein intake has many benefits. First, by eating more protein your stomach will feel full throughout the day so you won’t have to worry about binge eating snacks or worry about feeling hungry later.

Second, protein has even more benefits such as helping your body build and repair muscle, bone, tissue, skin, and blood. Also, eating more protein can help produce necessary hormones that your body needs. Protein can even help hormone or other chemical production that your body produces less at an older age.

There are many different ways you can eat protein such as Chicken, Beef, Fish, Turkey, Nuts, Whey Protein Powder, Jerky, etc. So if you’re tired of eating the same thing everyday for protein then feel free to experiment with other sources.

4. Drink Whey Protein Shake to Feel Full During the Day!

It’s easy to say, “Eat a lot of protein!” But how can you actually do it? Well, of course you can eat protein through meat and other sources, but the best way to take in a large amount of protein in less than 5 minutes would be through a protein shake. A protein shake will help you consume more protein, and help you feel full. It does this by the high protein content and water/milk that’s added into the shake.

Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese. When certain enzymes added to milk cause the curds to separate from the liquid, which contains the whey product. Whey mostly consists of protein, and is low in carbs and fat.

Protein powder or whey protein comes in a powder form which can be added with water or milk and made into a shake. You can also use protein powder to make protein pancakes or waffles, add it into oatmeal, make protein cookies or brownies, etc. There are many different uses for Whey Protein Powder.

However, there are many protein powders out in the market right now. Many of them taste horrible. One of the best tasting Protein Powders we found is Double Rich Chocoloate by Optimum Nutrition. The flavor is very similar to a milk chocolate candy bar, and the flavor changes to a chocolate milkshake when taken with milk. If you want to try it then try the 2 Pound tub as it is a lot cheaper than the 5 pound tub.

Check It Out!

5. Eat more Fiber through Fruits and Vegetables

This is usually common knowledge, but is still one of the most beneficial ways to lose weight as one gets older. Fruit and vegetables are low in calorie and can help your stomach feel full. This is because fruits and vegetables contain fiber. You can also increase fiber intake by eating Oatmeal as well.

Fruits and vegetables also contain vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need when we’re older. These nutrients can help your body produce important hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Furthermore, they have been known to help people live longer.

By eating more fruits and vegetables, you can lose weight easier as they’re low in calories but don’t eat too much. Overeating is what causes weight gain. It’s good to indulge but don’t overindulge. Fruit still has sugar so eating too much can increase the amount of carbs ingested.

6. Calculate Calories for Weight Loss

This is probably our most recommended tip to anyone who is wanting to lose fat or weight regardless of their age. Counting calories is not just something professional bodybuilders or models do. This can be done by any regular person easily at home.

Calculating your daily calorie intake can help you find how much you need to eat to lose weight. These calculations take age, height, weight, and other measurements into concern so even if you’re over 60 you can find out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.

We’ve written a guide to calculate your Calories and Macronutrients so you can see how much fat, carbohydrates, and protein you’ll need to eat for weight loss.

Start Counting Calories

7. Buy a Food Scale to Measure Food

Using a Food Scale will change your lives and help you lose weight a lot faster by taking accurate measurements of the food you eat!

A food scale or digital kitchen scale measures food in various amounts such as grams or ounces to accurately measure the amount of food. We recommend a food scale because measuring cups or spoons are not very accurate. So you might be eating too much food without even knowing it. By calculating your weight loss calories and using a food scale, you’ll lose weight faster and more efficiently!

Food scales are simple and very easy to use. You can use a relatively cheap one like this for around $13.

8. Join a Yoga Class to help with Joint Pain and Aches

Joint pain or random aches are more common as we get older. Yoga is an excellent way to help relieve pain, burn calories, and gain flexibility without having to stress your body. The best part about Yoga is that you can use it to target your specific areas or do it for a few minutes per day. For example, if you’re experiencing hip pain then you can do exercises that focus on the hip and legs that will help prevent pain.

There are many places that offer Yoga classes so check websites like Yelp to find the nearest on near you. Also, some places offer Hot Yoga where they increase the temperature of the room in order to help you sweat and stretch further.

9. Go Out and Have Fun!

Going outside is a good way to burn calories and fat. When you’re 50 or 60 years old there aren’t too many sports you can play to lose weight. With all kinds of pains and aches, or even getting tired too quickly can hinder our efforts with physical exercise. The best way to burn calories when you’re older is to go outside and go for a short walk. If you’re able to ride a bicycle then that’s a great option as well. A 5 minute walk around the neighborhood is a good start to burning calories that anyone can do.

There is one sport you can do even if you have pains and aches, or aren’t able to do certain physical exercises. Swimming is one of the BEST ways to burn calories. The best part about swimming is that it doesn’t put much stress on your body. You can burn a lot more calories than walking by just moving around in the pool. You honestly don’t even have to swim. If you just walk from one end of the pool to the other then you’ll burn more calories than walking because of the resistance the pool water.

As you walk, you’re pushing against the water to move further to the end. This is called Resistance training, which is the same thing as weight lifting. With weights, you’re pulling or pushing a certain amount of weight, while swimming is pushing against the water. Swimming can help build endurance and burn more calories than most other exercises. You can find swimming classes or even open pools at gyms or your nearest community centers.

10. Lower How Much Fat You Eat

Fat give food that taste we love. If you’ve tried fat free versions of some of your favorite food like Ranch Dressing then you’ve noticed how much better the regular version is. The reason we recommend lowering your Fat is because it contains more calories than Carbohydrates and Protein. 1 gram of Fat is equal to 9 calories, while 1 gram of Carbs or Protein is equal to 4 calories. Lowering fat will allow you to eat more Carbs and Protein, and even lower your total calorie intake.

Also, by lowering fat you can lower your cholesterol as well. Eating more fat causes an increase in cholesterol levels, which can lead to heart disease over time. Lowering your fat can help lead to a healthier and longer life.

We recommend finding low fat alternatives to your favorite foods. You can find Low-Fat Sour Cream or Nonfat Cheese at your local grocery stores. Also, if you have a sweet tooth then try Greek Yogurt such as Chobani , which is low in fat and has about 9 grams of Protein per cup. They come in a lot of different flavors from strawberry to pomegranate.

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